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Hot cont'd [For Reid. Unrelated]

"I'm sorry." He said again, edging closer to where Reid was treading water. "I didn't mean...didn't..." He laughed humourlessly and ran his hands through his drying hair. "God, I'm so bad at this."
It was hot. Very very hot. The sun scorched across Ipswich in a heatwave that didn't seem like it was ever going to end and Pogue didn't think he could take anymore. School building had been closed due to a fault with the water pipes and everyone had to be shipped back to their homes for the duration. Pogue shifted, but the cool feeling the movement generated didn't seem to last. The grass under his sweatsoaked back was flat and warm and the air around him was heavy. He was quickly regretting the decision of lying in Caleb's extensive back yard.

A shadow fell over him and the heat abated somewhat. Pogue groaned and squinted up, but he couldn't make out who was standing over him. "Don't move. Please don't move." he said.

Jealousy [Unrelated to BIA]

Pogue growled and watched her cross the room. She sidled up next to Caleb and smiled at him, asking him for help with her work. Pogue had no doubt that she already knew what to do, since she was less concerned with his explaination and more with the way her body pressed against him.

His eyes narrowed. He was tempted to just go over and drag him away from her. He was even more tempted to grab him and kiss him in front of everyone and make his relationship status know.

He wondered what Caleb would think of that.

For Reid [Unrelated]

Pogue's knee bounced as he sat on the sofa nd he checked his watch for the fifth time in ten minutes. He was wound tight and horny as fuck; one of more recent developments of the Powers, apprently. A side-effect that only hit after the Acension. At first they'd freaked, but they'd learned to deal with it.

By turning to each other when things got too bad and too out of control.

Pogue had always been close to the other three boys; close enough to call them 'brothers' even, but this was something else.

Growling in frustration, he bolted off the sofa and left his dorm, heading towards Reid and Tyler's room. He hoped to god one of them was there....

For Caleb [Unrelated]

Pogue roared up to the Danver's manor on his bike, making a little extra noise to make sure Caleb knew he'd arrived. He de-toured to the garage and parked in his usual spot, noticing that Mrs. Danver's car wasn't there. Taking off his helmet, he made his way into the Kitchen via the side door and grabbed a couple of soda's out the refrigerator before making his way up the stairs to Caleb's room.

"So, you weren't in class today." he said as he entered the room, eyes fixing immediately on the dark haired boy in the room.


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